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Explore the beautiful Paros
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Explore the beautiful Paros
Water Sports
You can try one of the various activities offered by the many watersports centers located in some of the most popular beaches of the island. The watersports centers of Santa Maria, Kolymbithres, Monastiri, Pounda beach, Parasporos, Golden Beach offer all sorts of tubes, pedal boat canoes, stand up paddle, waterski, wakeboards and many others.
Wind Surfing &
Kite Surfing
Paros is an excellent windsurfing destination due to the northern winds that blow in summer especially around the south eastern side of the island, at the areas of Golden Beach and New Golden Beach. In fact, the New Golden Beach was selected from 1992 to 2000 to host the World Surfing Cup. Surf centers offer all services and facilities including professional coaching, safe all-night storage and fresh water for equipment and rescue boats.
The region of Pounda port has become the perfect area for the fast rising sport of kite surfing. The Kite centers provide kiteboarding lessons for beginners, equipment rental, storage area as well as rescue service. Several international kitesurfing competitions have been hosted over the last few years at Pounda as it is considered one of the best kiteboarding spots in Europe.
Boat Trips
Enjoy one of the many cruises with traditional boats or sailing boats and explore the inaccessible beauties of Paros. Visit the turquoise waters of Panteronisia, swim in the sea caves of Mastichari and other private sandy beaches, sunbathe in Despotiko, snorkel and enjoy food, fruits and refreshments or wine that will accompany you throughout the journey. BBQ on board is also available in some of the boats with fresh organic vegetables from local farms.
The cruises can also be organized on a semi-private or private basis for you and your company.
Furthermore, as Paros is located at the center of the Cyclades region, you can visit one of the many neighboring islands in a short time.
Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, Koufonisia and Amorgos are the most popular one day cruise destinations while Naxos, Serifos and Sifnos are connected with regular ferries.
Scuba Diving
Have a lifetime experience by diving in the island’s secrets. Explore spectacular reefs, sea caves, WWII fighter plane, shipwrecks and the incredible undersea landscape. Even if you do not wish to make scuba diving you can choose one snorkeling tour among vibrant marine ecosystems, beautiful beaches or uninhabited Islands reefs around Paros and Antiparos.
Wine Tasting
Visit Moraitis winery, the largest winery of Paros, explore the different grape varieties, learn about the wine production in the island and taste wines at its exhibition hall.
For those who are interested for the history of Paros, it is a must to visit Ekatontapiliani church, the Hagia Sophia of the Aegean founded by Agia Eleni and her son, Agios Konstantinos, the Roman Emperor who transferred the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople.
Other places to visit are the Archaeological Museum with exhibits found in excavations on Paros and Antiparos. These findings date from the Neolithic period to early Christianity and include the Nike of Paros, Cycladic figurines, mosaics, the Archaic marble statue Gorgon, Kouroi, the poet Archilochus, amphorae from a Parian workshop, deities and many more.
The Folklore Collection of Naoussa with male and female costumes from various regions of Greece, underclothes from Paros and everyday utensils and furniture.
The ancient quarries of Marathi where the famous Parian marble was extracted and masterpieces of antiquity were made including the Venus of Milos, Hermes of Praxitelis, Nike of Delos, the Temple of Zeus at Olympia and the Temple of Apollo on Delos.
Paros has a hiking trail network of approximately 35 km. Hikers will encounter houses, small stone sustainable farm houses, lime, clay, reeds, and seaweed - proof that the simple can also be beautiful. Different routes such as the Byzantine road, whose history dates back to the Byzantine era (1000 AD), which is the oldest trail on the island and connects Lefkes to Prodromos or the Environmental Park with many small paths that are well marked, hiking can be an extremely interesting way to experience the other side of Paros.
Festivals & Celebrations
An island festival can be the perfect opportunity to get to know the customs that accompany the religious traditions and are still maintained today, maintaining the link between the past and the present. Easter on Paros and the representations of the Passions of Christ at Marmara are unique experiences where children and youths, dressed in clothing from that era, set the stage at various points along the route of the Epitaph and add a unique theatricality to an already charged and solemn atmosphere.
Visitors of Paros will have the opportunity to celebrate with the locals of the island at one of the many festivals that are being held mainly during summer months with traditional dishes, local wine and traditional music that unites the hearts and rejoices the souls of everyone in attendance.
Especially on the 15th of August, the feast of Panagia on Paros is synonymous with the Ekatontapiliani church where the ceremonious liturgy is followed by a parade and the procession of the icon through the roads of Parikia. At night, all vessels in the harbor are illuminated and fireworks light up the night sky in an incredible spectacle. Events with traditional music and dance take place on the beach of Parikia.
On the 23rd of August the Festival of the Pirates marks the anniversary of the pirate raid on Naoussa, led by Barbarossa in 1537. The legendary pirate's men kidnapped the women of Naoussa and the locals engaged in battle to get them back.